Schonstedt’s cable and pipe detectors (aka “utility locators”) have been setting the standard for reliability and dependability in locating buried pipes, sewers, cable, lines and wire—quickly and easily.

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Our cable and pipe detectors are extremely effective and versatile tools for locating utilities underground including cable TV lines, fiber optic lines, gas lines, irrigation lines, tracer wire, power lines, streetlight wiring, water lines and sewer lines.

Cable and pipe detectors have both a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter induces an electric current that circulates through an object creating a magnetic field, which is then detected by the receiver.

The Rex Locator

Multiple Frequency Locator. Rex (Receiver + Xmitter) is Schonstedt’s newest pipe and cable locator, recommended for all underground utilities: water and sewer, electric, telecom, and gas.

Rex is a multi-frequency locator with a price tag comparable to single-frequency locators. The sleek design of the transmitter is less than 2” thick and weighs less than 3 Ibs. At slightly over 7 lbs., the entire system fits easily into a custom shoulder bag.

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The XTpc:

A Single Frequency Locator. Choose from two pre-set frequencies: 82 kHz or 33 kHz, depending on your need. In general, 82 kHz is useful in tracing gas and as a water line detector, while 33 kHz is a better choice for tracing electrical lines. The XTpc also offers one passive frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) along with sonde or passive cathodic capabilities.

The Most Portable Locator Option. Weighing about 3 pounds, the XTpc is the most portable locator of the pipe and cable line locators available. The transmitter fits in a shirt pocket while the receiver can be holstered for mobility, then easily extended for greater sensitivity.

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The XT512 Sonde & Camera Locator

The new and revolutionary XT512 combines the portability of the holsterable XTpc package with the low frequency sonde and passive locating capability found in larger more cumbersome locators. With the XT512 you can locate and determine the depth of your sewer/pipe inspection camera or a small sonde such as the TM50910 from Schonstedt.

The XT512 is useful in locating blockages and obstructions in non metallic pipe.

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Buy a Schonstedt, Save a life

Schonstedt Humanitarian Demining Initiative

Now, those who wish to contribute demining tools directly to United Nations Mine Action partners in the world’s most devastated countries can do so. Businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations such as church and school groups, trade associations and service clubs are invited to participate.

Each donation represents an immediate and tangible contribution to humanitarian demining where it is most needed in the world… and where it would not otherwise be possible.

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